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Track: Aaiom             Fri Jul 03 21:43:21 2020


Start of the race:
 Geli-60 fails to make the start.
Lasse Oetinger fails to make the start.
Polesitter Tim Roedl in a Lotus leads the field as the flag drops.

Lap 1:
Fabian Casula overtakes  Geli-60.
Fabian Casula overtakes Lasse Oetinger.
Fabian Casula overtakes Hans Marfan.
Fabian Casula is in position 6 at the end of the lap.
Pedro Berg_vd overtakes Fabian Casula.
Pedro Berg_vd overtakes  Geli-60.
Pedro Berg_vd overtakes Lasse Oetinger.
Pedro Berg_vd overtakes Hans Marfan.
Pedro Berg_vd overtakes Claudio Callipo.
Pedro Berg_vd overtakes Ferdinand Schulze.
Pedro Berg_vd is in position 3 at the end of the lap.
Lasse Oetinger overtakes Tim Roedl.
Lasse Oetinger is in position 1 at the end of the lap.
Tim Roedl loses the lead.
The new race leader is Lasse Oetinger.

Lap 2:
Pedro Berg_vd overtakes Tim Roedl.
Pedro Berg_vd is in position 2 at the end of the lap.
Hans Marfan retires the BRM.
What would become the fastest lap of the race is set by Lasse Oetinger.
The time is an impressive 17m47.005s.

End of the race:
Lasse Oetinger wins the race 26.413s ahead of Pedro Berg_vd.
Last of the podium finishers was Tim Roedl,
finishing 56.157s behind the winner.

Finishing order and last lap info is unofficial
(Replay might have been saved before end of race)

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