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Track: Aaiom             Fri Jul 03 22:41:20 2020


Start of the race:
 Geli-60 fails to make the start.
Polesitter Hans Marfan in a Brabham leads the field as the flag drops.

Lap 1:
Fabian Casula overtakes Hans Marfan.
Fabian Casula is in position 6 at the end of the lap.
Claudio Callipo overtakes Hans Marfan.
Claudio Callipo is in position 4 at the end of the lap.
Pedro Berg_vd overtakes Fabian Casula.
Pedro Berg_vd overtakes Claudio Callipo.
Pedro Berg_vd overtakes Hans Marfan.
Pedro Berg_vd is in position 3 at the end of the lap.
Lasse Oetinger overtakes Ferdinand Schulze.
Lasse Oetinger overtakes Pedro Berg_vd.
Lasse Oetinger overtakes Fabian Casula.
Lasse Oetinger overtakes Claudio Callipo.
Lasse Oetinger overtakes Hans Marfan.
Lasse Oetinger is in position 2 at the end of the lap.
Tim Roedl overtakes Lasse Oetinger.
Tim Roedl overtakes Ferdinand Schulze.
Tim Roedl overtakes Pedro Berg_vd.
Tim Roedl overtakes Fabian Casula.
Tim Roedl overtakes Claudio Callipo.
Tim Roedl overtakes Hans Marfan.
Tim Roedl is in position 1 at the end of the lap.
Hans Marfan loses the lead.
The new race leader is Tim Roedl.
Hans Marfan retires the Brabham.

Lap 2:
Ferdinand Schulze overtakes Claudio Callipo.
Ferdinand Schulze is in position 4 at the end of the lap.
What would become the fastest lap of the race is set by Tim Roedl.
The time is an impressive 17m39.660s.

End of the race:
Tim Roedl wins the race 04.657s ahead of Lasse Oetinger.
Last of the podium finishers was Pedro Berg_vd,
finishing 07.819s behind the winner.

Finishing order and last lap info is unofficial
(Replay might have been saved before end of race)

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